Concord Healthcare Group – A Vision for High Quality Rehabilitation In The Heart of Texas.

Concord Healthcare Group, a successful operator of Rehabilitation and Healthcare Centers, has recently expanded their impressive portfolio with five new Centers.

Joe Neuman and Oscar Rosenberg, founding principals of Concord Healthcare Group are intent on filling the void of high-end rehabilitation services in the greater community, expanding their continuum of family-oriented care.

The newest Centers to join their rapidly growing Group, include Heritage Healthcare Residence in Quitman, Mineola Healthcare Residence in Mineola, Mission Manor Healthcare Residence in Mt. Vernon, Pecan Valley Healthcare Residence in San Saba and Regal Healthcare Residence in Lampasas.

Located in Central and Northeast Texas, Concord’s latest acquisitions are poised to undergo extensive renovations under the company’s strategic approach to developing niche programs for each facility based on the community’s particular needs.

Ensuring that the local medical community plays an integral role in the development of key programs for each facility, Concord’s Healthcare Centers are known for promoting communication with local hospitals and cultivating relationships with doctors in our area.

Commenting on the success that the facilities experience under their new ownership, Neuman and Rosenberg note that “revitalizing each Residence with the most modern rehab technology and sustaining close interface with the management staff at each facility have proven to be key elements to elevating the quality of care at each Center”.

Indeed, The Concord Group’s vision for bringing in the latest technology and implementing specialty rehabilitation programs such as orthopedic and tracheostomy care, has substantially contributed to elevating the overall level of healthcare in Texas.

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