Concord Healthcare Group – Inaugurating a New Era of Growth at Plum Creek in Amarillo

April 1st, 2015 Concord Healthcare Group, a successful operator of Rehabilitation and Healthcare Centers in Texas, is expanding their impressive portfolio with the purchase of Rehabilitation Centers and Specialty Hospitals that reflect Concord’s resolute vision to deliver first-class Skilled Nursing and Long Term Acute Care services in the greater North Texas region.

Bolstering a continuum of family-oriented care and full range of health services with this acquisition, Joe Neuman and Oscar Rosenberg, founding principals of Concord Healthcare Group, are intent on developing niche programs based on the community’s particular needs.

Joining their quickly expanding Group, their newest acquisitions in Texas include:

  • Plum Creek Specialty Hospital and Plum Creek Healthcare Residence in Amarillo
  • Heritage Manor Healthcare Residence and Plano Specialty Hospital in Plano
  • Mesa Hills Healthcare Residence and Mesa Hills Specialty Hospital in El Paso

With their characteristic straight talk and no-nonsense attitudes, Neuman and Rosenberg state this acquisition means giving these new facilities a fresh start with Concord’s undisputed record of growth that is responsible, sustained and tailored to the medical needs of their communities.

This will prove to be of great benefit to all the newly acquired campuses, in particular to Plum Creek Healthcare Residence and Plum Creek Specialty Hospital, specializing in providing aggressive, interdisciplinary care to medically complex patients requiring specialized care and prolonged recovery.

Located on an expansive property, the Plum Creek Campus is poised to undergo a major transformation on both the administrative and operational level, bolstering delivery of care and commitment to the community.

Offering the convenience of highly specialized sub-acute and skilled nursing services on the same campus, Plum Creek ensures a smooth transition for the medically complex patients who unquestionably benefit from continuity of medical supervision and clinical interface at the core of Plum Creek’s multidisciplinary approach.

The new owners’ declared intention to embrace and support the management teams will enhance Plum Creek Healthcare Residence and Plum Creek Specialty Hospital’s culture of continuous interdisciplinary communication and, certainly propel them into a new era of transformation at every level.

Or, like Neuman and Rosenberg assert, “No false promises – just consistent delivery of the highest quality of Long Term Acute and Post Acute Care in the region”. Now, that is a fresh start worth looking forward to!

For more information and to schedule a visit, please contact Cortney Gunn at (806) 351-3098.

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