Introducing Copperas Hollow Campus: Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living in a Sunny Optimistic Environment

Concord Healthcare Group is proud to announce that the Copperas Hollow Campus, has now joined their ranks providing superior Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living services in the heart of Caldwell Texas.

Integral to Concord’s latest acquisitions, Copperas Hollow Campus now partakes in the company’s strategic approach of developing niche programs based on the community’s particular needs and ensuring that the local medical community plays an integral role.

Distinguished by its continuum of care, one is afforded two distinctive healthcare models in ONE CAMPUS.

Located at 343 and 345 Country Club Drive in Caldwell, the Copperas Hollow Campus is a two-story site that includes 90 beds designated for patients in need of Skilled Nursing and 16 beds for individuals in need of Assisted Living. “Our community”, says Jonne Young, Executive Director at the campus “will undoubtedly benefit from its superb location and the peace of mind that only comes when knowing that your loved ones have the highest level of care – right here in their own town”.

Whether an individual is convalescing from a recent surgery, recuperating from an illness or recovering from an injury, the Campus provides Skilled Nursing services, ranging from Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies to Orthopedic and Wound Care, is equipped with the latest rehabilitation equipment – and the clinical staff that knows how to maximize it to accelerate the recovery and a promote a prompt return home. “However” states Young “what really sets our campus apart is the country-living atmosphere and the relaxed environment we offer: with everything from home-style cooked meals with fresh vegetables to barbecue cookouts when weather permits”.

Moving to an assisted living environment often entails a big adjustment both for the individuals making the transition as well as for their families and friends, especially when the assisted living site is out of town. The Copperas Hollow Campus Assisted Living, offers to individuals the precious advantage of continuing life in a new phase – in their same home town.

Indeed, Copperas Hollow assures its residents the peace of mind of knowing that their family, friends and familiar places are still part of the everyday environment.

Commenting on the success of the Concord Centers throughout Texas, Jonne Young notes that “revitalizing each Residence with the most modern rehab technology and sustaining close interface with the local medical community has proven to be key to elevating the quality of care at each Center, and we are excited to be part of a Healthcare Group that holds superior quality of care at all times in all of its Centers.”

For more information about the Copperas Hollow Campus and to schedule a visiting tour, please contact Richard Broom, Administrator, at 979-5674300.


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