National Nurses Week: Honoring Exceptional Nurses in the Panhandle

April 29, 2015. Plum Creek Specialty Hospital is proud of the recognition bestowed upon two of the outstanding nurses integral to its medical team at the Texas Nurses Association – District 2 Recognition Dinner.

The event, an annual celebration intent on feting outstanding nurses during National Nurses Week, honored Tammy Clements and Charlie Velazco, two of the steadfast professionals in Plum Creek Specialty Hospital’s stellar team of nurses.

Tammy Clements, a leader in ICU for 16 years, is passionate about providing exceptional patient care and has devoted many hours both at the patient bedside and in an educator role, mentoring new nurses every step of the way. An outstanding leader, Tammy is certainly a role model, and the embodiment of the compassionate caregiver at the heart of the medical profession.

Charlie Velazco, a two-time award recipient for his excellent nursing care, started his nursing career 5 years ago in ICU. Always taking the initiative to improve the standards of care, Charlie is ever ready to go the extra mile for his patients, their families or his co-workers, thus impacting many lives with his proficiency, compassion and caring.

Displaying the professional satisfaction that comes with seeing members of one’s medical staff being recognized for their excellence, Scott Deig MHA, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer at Plum Creek Specialty Hospital states: “Nurses are at the heart of patient care at Plum Creek, and Tammy Clements and Charlie Velazco are clear representatives of our high clinical standards, quality of care and dedication to our patients and their families – every day of the year. We are certainly proud to have them on our team.”

Hosted at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens, the Recognition Dinner was a perfect opportunity for the medical community to convene in a night filled with excitement and appreciation for the dedication and proficiency nurses contribute to their workplace on a daily basis, and to the overall healthcare industry as a whole.

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